Lagret inspirasjon

"Every human being longs for true and lasting happiness. The path or means through which (s)he attempts to find it varies according to the level of the individual's development. (S)he may strive for happiness by satisfying the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of his/her personality. Experience may teach him/her what sages and saints have been proclaiming throughout the ages: that true and lasting happiness cannot be based upon that which is impermanent in its nature. True and lasting happiness can only be attained through the knowledge of the source of all life. It has been given such names as the Self, Nature, God, Brahman, Cosmic Consciousness, Infinity the Thing in Itself, Nirvana and so on. Since it is infinite, it can only be experienced when the individual raises above the limited personality.

"Swami Satchidananda

Zen Sangha

Journey of Zen