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The intelligence in nature..

Inspirert skrift 19. juni 2018:

On my daily walks I sometimes go through a beautiful forest. Occasionally, that brings me in a different reality and today was one of these days - the nature whispered from deep down into my very being:

Quietly and calmly THE RIVER said: Look at me, I just let myself be - I float - I surrender - I trust naturally. It's because I allways stay connected in the now. When we live through mind, in past and future, there will always be opinions, perceptions and expectations. Let go of it, just float like I do and life will start to change in ways you would never have dreamed possible.

Then, THE WATERFALL, said: Look at me., I am falling, it may look dramatic, but see, I am completely intact and safe at the bottom as on top. The more dramatic you 'fall', or the higher you allow youself to 'jump', the greater possibilities of change may arise. Remember this in times you may feel that everything is lost, because it never is.

THE BIG OLD TREE continued: I'm borned through the elements of consciousness, and so are all humans. I AM in blissful peace all the time. Most humans are not. What exist in human nature, which don't exist in me? The difference my dear, is that most of you don't recognize your deep blissful nature, you don't recognize who you really are. If these statements confuse you, look back on what the river just wispered.

THE ROWAN BUSH took my attention and said: Not every 'red flag' you might be aware of in your life is what you assume it to be. It may also be a pointer towards your destiny to bring a more expanded consciousness into earth. Don't be afraid to follow your own passion or to cross your limits whether its about fear or vulnerability.


Fruits in life comes naturally when you are able to stay complete alert and present - which means, you don't cling to fear or expectations, but let everything be as it is without labels or judgments. The more humans are able to embody the truth of who they are, the more 'fruits' they will receive. It's about letting go and crossing limits as the rowan bush talked about.

How come it's so difficult for us to let go? It require a lot less energy than to continue the resistance towards life and life experience's. To be as the river, the waterfall, the trees - it requires nothing - and yet, at the same time, it requires everything Life isn't easy, but 'nature' has it's own intelligence, we just don't get to see that in short terms.

A vise man named Soren Kierkegaard once said, "Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards".



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