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Begrepene 'spiritual emergence/emergency er godt belyst innenfor transpersonlig psykologi, her kort fra Wikipedia

"Transpersonal psychology has also brought clinical attention to the topic of spiritual crisis,Note d or spiritual emergency, a category that is not ordinarily recognized by mainstream psychology.[citation needed] The terms "spiritual emergence" and "spiritual emergency" were coined by Stanislav and Christina Grof[37][106] in order to describe the appearance of spiritual phenomena, and spiritual processes, in a persons life.Note e Among the clinical problems associated with this category, according to transpersonal theory, are: psychiatric complications related to mystical experience; near-death experienceKundalini awakening; shamanic crisis (also called shamanic illness); psychic opening; intensive meditation; separation from a spiritual teacher; medical or terminal illness; addiction.[36][107][16][108] According to writers in the field the term "spiritual emergence" describes a "gradual unfoldment of spiritual potential with no disruption in psychological, social and occupational functioning".[36][107] In cases where the emergence of spiritual phenomena is intensified beyond the control of the individual it may lead to a state of "spiritual emergency". A spiritual emergency may cause "significant disruption in psychological, social and occupational functioning".[36][107][32][109]."

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